An alleged drugs kingpin owed much of his luxury lifestyle of fast cars and designer clothes to his famous Towie girlfriend - and not cocaine, a court heard.

Daniel Harris, 33, is accused of making vast profits from a business delivering Class A drugs around central London on scooters, turning over nearly £500,000 a week over three and a half years.

Giving evidence, Harris said his girlfriend, Cara Kilbey, with whom he has a young daughter, paid for many of the expensive items found at their home.

She bought designer glasses, coats and bags and was gifted thousands of pounds-worth of baby furniture by companies in the hope she would promote them on Instagram, he said.

The Old Bailey heard how Harris had previously worked for Royal Bank of Scotland making more than £64,000 a year.

After meeting Ms Kilbey in Spain in the summer of 2014, he moved in to her flat in Theydon Bois, but did not contribute towards household bills, he said.

In 2014, he was loaned £50,000 through Ms Kilbey's father's firm Tech-En to set up a Crossfit gym venture.

During 2015, Harris's only expenditure was on his Crossfit business and on holidays, he said.

The defendant, who is originally from Liverpool, said he drove two Porsche cars, a Carrera and Panamera, but both belonged to his girlfriend.

He was shown a series of pictures of luxury goods inside the home he shared with Ms Kilbey.

Among them was a large collection of baby clothes and £4,000 worth of furniture, including a cot.

Harris told jurors that "pretty much everything" came from his girlfriend's mother or was "gifted to her by companies hoping she would promote them on Instagram".

A designer watch, Louis Vuitton and Givenchy handbags, and Ray-Ban and Police sunglasses were all Ms Kilbey's, he said.

The jury was shown a stack of four pairs of Brunello Cucinelli men's shoes.

Harris said that Ms Kilbey bought him two pairs, his mother gave him another and he spent £370 on his debit card to buy one pair for himself.

Judge Nicholas Cooke QC queried the sum, saying: "Is that one pair of shoes?" Harris replied: "Yes."

The defendant said he "accumulated" more shoes and bought a Moncler designer jacket while working in the City.

He also got a Hermes jacket from a sample sale in Mayfair and was given a Brunello Cucinelli coat for Christmas by Ms Kilbey.

Cash totalling £116,000 was found stashed in an Asda bag in the couple's nursery on Harris's arrest in March 2016, the court has heard. The prosecution alleged it came from the proceeds of his drug empire.

But Harris has insisted the money was given to him to pay legal fees for his father who had been arrested for importing cocaine from Spain.

He told jurors on Wednesday: "It may well have come from crime or some sort of criminal activity but I don't know the origins of it."

Harris has said he "no way" had anything to do with his father's alleged crime.

He denies plotting to supply cocaine over three and a half years as well as involvement in a £200,000 heroin deal in May 2015.

Jurors have heard that a number of other men have admitted their part in the two plots, some of whom were associates of Harris.

The trial continues.