A DEVELOPMENT which would see the demolition of a detached house has been turned down.

At a Loughton Town Council planning meeting on Monday, March 6, councillors turned down an application, submitted by development company Spring Grove Ltd, which would have allowed six new flats to be built with six parking spaces in High Road, Loughton.

The proposed development, would have been on the corner of the road, and was considered an ‘overdevelopment of the site’.

Councillor Jill Angold-Stephens said: “Although we are always conscious of the need for more housing this would not be affordable and it is not more at any price.

“We always need to balance the concerns of those already living in and using the area with the need for more housing. It is, of course, not the first application for flats on this site as a previous application was refused on appeal.”

The plans were also turned down because it would be “out of keeping with the streetscene.”

The site is opposite Oaklands school, and congestion was a factor which formed part of the committee’s decision.

Affordable housing is also a key part of Loughton’s future plans. Cllr Angold-Stephens added: “I can see no possibility that young people will be able to live in Loughton without considerable financial backing.

“I, like many others have no solutions to this intractable problem where demand way outstrips supply and developers are not building affordable properties in any appreciable quantities.”