A CONSERVATION group is hoping to attract more younger volunteers after a “perfect” event last month.

The Swaines Green Conservation group put on their annual fayre last April in the hope of raising enough money to buy tools and carry on their work.

They say they want to carry on their project in the 22 acre greenbelt land, but need more people to volunteer to make sure they protect the land.

Jacqui Mortimer, the vice chairman of the group, said: “We want to encourage is more people coming along and doing conservation work. We are not getting any younger.

“The event last month was really brilliant. Everyone enjoyed it and helps with the projects we do. Once the tools break or need replacing, we use the money raised. Without them we would not be able to do it.”

The group, which has been running for more than 10 years, plan to turn the whole Swaines Green area into grassland, and have managed to keep a lot of it untouched. Something that Brian McGhie, a member of the group, says is “very rare.”

The land at Swaines Green is owned by the City of London Corporation, but they allow the group to carry on their work, keeping a small number of trees in the area, while making sure the grass is kept in good condition.

The group raise their money to keep the project going by charging stalls to sell their products at the fayre.

They put on a number of activities at their annual fayre for families, including a beer tent, a Punch and Judy show and birds of prey shows.

The fayre attracted more than 2,000 people this year, but it is a big commitment for the group, who have to start planning two months in advance.

Audrey Wheeler, a member of the group, said: “There’s nothing that goes on in Epping, that’s why we do this. What I try to do is make it something for every body. The town council put a banner up help us advertise it. It’s a hell of a lot of work.”

Jacqui says the fayre was “stronger than ever” this year, and anyone interested in natural history would fit in perfectly to the group.

She added: “Local people appreciate the work we do. Quite a few people that use the area have commented on it.

“It would be such a crying shame to lose this for Epping. Anyone who is interested is welcome. It’s a nice group to belong to. A lot of people born in Epping who have left come back and join us.”

The group are yet to find out how much they raised from last month’s event.