A MAN who claims huge minibuses have left his road riddled with potholes is calling for people to be more “considerate”.

Paul Harvey, of England Lane, Loughton, says he is not angry but that big vehicles should stop parking over kerbs and slow down to avoid wrecking the road.

The 54-year-old got so frustrated by the situation that he took matters into his own hands by designing a sign emblazoned with the words ‘Please have respect for where you live.’

He said: “There’s quite big potholes here and it’s caused a lot of mess, it’s destroyed the pavement and when it’s wet, it’s a huge eyesore.

“I was a bit naughty, I painted and put my own sign out. Someone asked one of the neighbours where it came from but I said they can knock on my door, I’ll tell them, I’m proud of it.

“Potholes are a bugbear of mine.”

He claims that while there are a number of potholes on the road, the biggest one is about four foot deep.

The minibuses on the street are owned by Foxes, based in Hackney Wick, who he claims told him they would sort the problem.

Although he says he advised them to park by the service road in the service road in nearby Peyrles Lane, they have not done this.

Some also often park with one wheel hanging over the pavement, which restricts disabled access and makes it harder for people as they come out of their homes.

He was born in the house, which has been in his family since the 1930s, and says he remembers it when it was “total greenery”.

He added: “The blocked path means you can’t walk along there, I once put a sign out on one of the minibuses.

“I don’t think the solution would be to stop them parking there altogether, that would be illegal. I want them to be a bit more careful, that’s all.”

Essex County Council is planning on filling the potholes.

Karl Young, manager at Foxes in Hackney, was sympathetic of the issue and apologised.

He said: "If it's causing an issue for residents we need to look at alternatives that won't inconvenience people.

"If there's no bays there, they shouldn't be parking there. I will speak to the driver and find them another location. If they can't do that, I will find somewhere for them. We will sort this."

He added the minibuses are unlikely to be the cause of potholes, which are a country-wide issue.