THESE are all of the violent incidents that have taken place outside notorious Luxe Bar since December.

Councillors will decide later this month whether to shut down a notorious bar after police complained about violence outside the venue.

The in High Road, Loughton, bar, had its licence suspended on May 5, days after a man was stabbed in the chest while involved in a 30-man brawl nearby.

A hearing at the council’s offices in Epping High Street will take place at 10am on May 30, and neighbours are invited to give their views.

Police will give evidence on a number of incidents around the bar, spanning back to the start of the year.

These include:

  • At 2:49am on April 23, people were found fighting outside.
  • 10 people were caught fighting outside the club on April 15 at 2:30am.
  • On March 18, someone was hit by a car when they ran into the road after a fight.
  • Police were called to the High Road after reports that a man was being beaten with belts on February 25.
  • A street pastor reported he had seen a “large number of people” fighting after leaving Luxe.
  • On February 4, a man reported he had been threatened on the dance floor with a knife.

A petition was recently launched by neighbours to shut the bar down, which amassed more than 300 signatures.

It claims the “bar has caused nothing but trouble since the day it opened” and asks for it to be closed “before someone gets killed.”

David Linnell, of the Loughton Residents Association, said: “We hope that this time the police and the council will find a way of taking effective action.”