Leyton Orient boss Danny Webb said 'it was more than natural for the winding-up petition to be weighing on their minds' following their 4-1 loss to Doncaster Rovers at Brisbane Road.

The club and the creditors are due at high court on Monday as it is believed they owe HMRC £125,000 to £250,000 in an unpaid tax bill.

A John Marquis double and one each from Tommy Rowe and Mathieu Baudry saw the Rovers comfortably win over bottom of the table Orient.

Tom Parkes scored his first goal for the club just before the break to give the Matchroom Stadium some joy.

Webb said: "It is something else (winding-up petition) we have all had to deal with in the past few months.

"But you tell yourself, what does not kill you makes you stronger. It is something that hopefully we come out of the positive side of it on Monday. I do not know what way it will go.

"I know for a fact that is still the priority of everyone connected with the club."

When asked whether owner Francesco Beccehtti or any board members have made contact with himself and the players about the current situation the 33-year-old responded: "No. No communication about what way it is going to go.

"We are all left guessing a little bit, all left in the lurch. You have to try and lift a load of players to try and play against a top team.

"It is very tough. You can only be lifted so much. It is frustrating, because the older players, I am sure were promised the world in the summer when they signed.

"It has not worked out that way and they sort of finding themselves scraping down the bottom.

"And at the same time, I am asking them to look after the young players. They have a lot on their shoulders, myself included.

"But we are just giving it our best shot." 

However, Orient have now shipped 13 goals in four games with three keepers in between the sticks and it does not seem to matter who is in goal.

"I think that is something I always made the point of," said the former Southend player.

"When Sarg (Sam Sargeant) came in he had not played a league game all season and we were second from bottom.

"He has not done anything wrong to get us in that position and then Charlie (Grainger) came in and conceded eight goals in two games.

"How many of them were his fault? I am not too sure. It was not a case of going they have cost us loads of goals.

"It was just to give them a crack. Alex came in, conceded four but he did not do too much wrong. 

"But there was a lot of naivety and a lot of young minds out there. Mistakes were made but we have got what we have got and I am not afraid to put them in.

"I know that if they get through this they won't be making those same mistakes."