Concerned Leyton Orient staff have released a last-ditch statement demanding wages after weeks without payment. 

The troubled club had promised workers money on April 6 - and on two other occasions from that date - yet backroom staff have still not been told of when the wages will come. 

Owner Francesco Becchetti and board of directors have been slammed over 'lack of communication.'

The statement said: "We appeal to the club’s directors to communicate the current situation and provide us with an update regarding our pay."

The PFA stepped in last week to loan half of the squad's wages.

Last month the east London club were issued with a winding-up petition on March 1 from HMRC over an unpaid tax bill believed to be around £125,000 to £250,000.

Becchetti has paid the initial bill but other creditors have since taken over and they are due in High Court once again on Monday, June 12 after being granted a stay of execution.

The statement in full reads: "As the staff of Leyton Orient Football Club, we have become hugely concerned by the lack of communication issued by owner Francesco Becchetti and its directors.

"Having not received our wages for the month of March 2017, staff were told to expect payment on April 6 due to an issue regarding the club’s bank account. However, on the eve of the date promised, staff were informed that they would have to wait a ‘few days more’ for their wages.

"Following this, a formal grievance was raised by club staff in line with the club’s policies and procedures, though to this date it remains unacknowledged with no indication as to when, or if, we are to be paid.

"Despite their concern club staff have continued in their respective roles, rallying behind the team in their bid to preserve Leyton Orient’s proud English Football League association.

"At the time of this statement we are now on the 19th day of April, and with our next payment of wages due in nine days time.

"As reported last week, the playing staff were supported by the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) who kindly loaned a percentage of each individual’s monthly salary to help them through this difficult time. This has been greatly appreciated however the players now have a debt hanging over their heads of which they remain unsure as to when, or even if, they can repay the amount given to them."

"The winding up order issued at the start of March saw the club taken to the High Court, and on March 20 it was claimed that the amount of £1 million is to be put into the club to ensure all debts that have been generated over recent months would be paid in full by June 12 when the club are next due to appear in court. With debts continuing to mount and us as staff not being paid our contractual wage, it raises questions as to whether the directors are on course to meet this arrangement.

"Staff look forward to some welcome communication from the club’s directors which we hope can answer our growing concerns."

Staff will make no further comment regarding this statement.