In June, Your Local Guardian and the Epping Forrest Gaudian newspapers went on the search for the ‘Barber of the Year’ as nominated and voted for by our readers. The winner was crowned and nowhere is their story.

Ali Oncebe the Director of Mr. Shelby’s has said “We feel very honoured, thankful to all our customers & staff. Competition is healthy for business; it forces you to stay ahead & to innovate. To win such a prestigious competition makes me feel proud of succeeding in developing our business & knowing more about our customers which is always one of our main goals. We have always focused on improving teamwork & establishing the positive outcomes of the best customer care we can provide as a team. Our team has worked extremely hard to provide the best possible barbering service with compassion.

We first came to Loughton nearly 10 years ago as Goldingshill Barbers where I was for 4 years. 2018 I decided to move the business over to Borders Lane and rename to Mr Shelby’s.

It will be 3 years soon that I have been working as Mr Shelby’s.

Our future always revolves around assessing our strengths and seeing areas we can improve in, identifying our customer needs to give the best service & defining main objectives to continue being the best barber in the area.

This win has boosted our team’s morale and will boost our businesses profile and reputation. Thank you to everyone for your nominations and votes.