Star Wars has been the inspiration for an exhibition in Leytonstone.  

From 2D drawings to paintings to prints and sculptures, artists involved in the show include Carne Griffiths, Jim Vision, Maria Slovakove, Sarah Carpenter, Pauli Bates, Charlotte Cooper, dARTh and Benign Samuel. 

“Star Walls is the final of the originally planned six shows inspired by Star Wars,“ says Elliott. “One of the main reasons I set it up in the first place was to make people aware that Stuart Freeborn, who created Yoda, Chewbacca, the Ewoks, and various other amazing creatures for the original trilogy, was born in Leytonstone, and also to meet some Star Wars.” 

One of the new additions to the exhibition will be an Ewok village. Visitors can pop into the show and pick up an Ewok colouring sheet to take away, colour and bring back, which will then be exhibited in the village.  

At other venues there will be live mural spraying, talks, a theatre performance, and a Star Wars-themed pub quiz in The Luna Lounge on Saturday, September 6. 

Star Walls – Exhibition VI: Revenge of the Stone is at The Stone Space Gallery, Leytonstone, from August 28 until September 14. Details: search for Star Walls V