Aspiring street dancer Dylan O’Mahony is already living the dream. At 11-years-old, he has been selected from thousands of other entries for a chance to dance live on stage with Justin Bieber this week, as he brings his Purpose World Tour to the O2 Arena, in Peninsula Square.

Dylan, who lives in Chase Side and attends Platinum Performing Arts at Millfield Arts Centre, in Edmonton, was sent a video of a choreography routine for Justin new song Children, which he then had to learn and upload through Youtube, before Justin's choreographer Nick Demoura chose his favourite dancers.

Dylan explains why he wanted to enter the competition and how he has performed at the O2 before after coming third in a world street dancing competition…

How does it feel to be chosen?

It is a really great feeling and it was such an exciting moment when I found out. I’m grateful to my mum and very excited as well.

Can you tell readers how you auditioned?

I was sent a video of some choreography and I had to learn the dance routine and then film myself doing it, before uploading it to Youtube. I beat thousands of other people, however, it didn’t go smoothly. When I uploaded it to youtube, it didn’t seem to be working, so had to put it on Instagram Instagram. I thought I had lost my chance by uploading it elsewhere, but luckily, the risk paid off and I still got chosen.

Why did you want to dance for Justin Bieber- are you a fan of his or did you just want to perform on stage at the O2?

I like Justin’s music and I think he is really amazing and quite cool.

Which is your favourite song of his?

I like Sorry. Everyone likes that one!

What do your friends think about you performing with Justin Bieber?

Everyone has been really excited for me and people have been posting on Instagram and telling people to follow me. That has been really nice and everyone at school has been congratulating me loads.

Which song will you be dancing to onstage?

It will be his new song Children and I’ll be doing the same routine I had to audition for.

Have you met Justin yet?

No, I won’t get to see him until tomorrow when he arrives in London. I am looking forward to it very much.

Have you performed for another pop star before or is this your first time?

I’ve performed on big stages before, including the O2 before, where I had to do a solo and came third in a world street dancing competition.

Do you train anywhere with your dancing or do you just practice on your own?

I go to a dance centre in Edmonton called Platinum Performing Arts and we do a lot of musical theatre there, such as singing and dancing and acting. It is really fun and they have all been supporting me after finding out about my opportunity.

Where did your passion for dancing begin?

I was about five-years-old when I first realised I liked to dance. My parents would take videos of me and then I went to my first dance class when I was five and the teachers there said I was really natural. As a result, I decided to take it a step further and started to enter more dance competitions.

Which other dancers inspire you?

I like Billy Elliot and auditioned to be him in the West End when I was 10-years-old. I would have got the part but I broke my arm beforehand, which was sad. I’m thinking about trying to be him again!

Are there any other pop stars or performers you would like to dance with?

I would like to perform with some famous rappers, such as Tinie Tempah, Will.I.Am and a new one called Desiigner. They are my favourite music artists.

What’s your dream performance in the future?

I would do like to do more big venues in the future, like the West End.

Justin Bieber, O2 Arena, Peninsula Square, North Greenwich, SE10 0DX, Tuesday October 11, until Tuesday, November 29, 6.30pm, details: