In celebration of Black History Month throughout October, Park Theatre, in Finsbury Park, is holding an art exhibition in their circle, stalls and mezzanine corridors.

Until the end of November, the theatre is featuring Artist Flo Awolaja's Making Stories Telling Tales, which will tell the story of her ancestors’ journey from the shores of Africa.

The festival will also have a look at the role of UK within the slave trade and the birth of The Commonwealth, which Flo explains is an appropriation of the wealth of other continents and people namely in Africa, The Caribbean and parts of Asia.

She will explore the idea that out of the ashes of the Commonwealth, leaders and a new found spirit of ‘self-determination' arose, as well as the notion of ‘self’ that prioritised the direction, place and standing of black people in the world.

Another theme within the festival will look at how this culture freed itself from the shackles of the oppressor and how Africa and the Caribbean untied themselves from the yoke which dismantled the commonwealth.

Flor says: “There was nothing 'common' about not owning your own wealth. A wealth that produces knowledge, a wealth that continues to fight oppression and bondage, a wealth of entrepreneurship and leadership, a wealth that will continue to produce generations of leaders and a wealth of resilience that enables its people to overturn injustice so that they maintain their integral power and so 'Pan Afrikanism' was born.

“Throughout our struggles we have fought ideologies foisted upon us, then 'The Windrush' generation came and so we were called again to labour, to toil for the 'motherland'. As much as they demanded, we assimilate and/or forget ourselves and chose not to accommodate. Instead we have maintained many of our traditions and managed to retain a sense of self.”

All the works by Flo are also for sale. For more information, email: A 10 portion portion of all sales will be donated to Park Theatre, where this money will go back into supporting their art exhibitions.

Making Stories Telling Tales, Park Theatre, Clifton Terrace, Finsbury Park, N4 3JP, until November 27, details: