He's already sizzled on our screens in The Only Way is Essex and raised temperatures with a series of steamy photoshoots. Now it’s official – Dan Osborne really is the very hot stuff that dreams are made of.

The summer heat may be waning, but temperatures in St Albans are about to shoot through the roof as the heavenly hunk has just peeled off his t-shirt and revealed himself as guest star for the Dreamboys show next month.

The heartthrob will be strutting his hunky stuff, and yes, stripping off to his delicates, with the troupe of professional performers who boast enough six-packs to quench the lustiest of punters.

So in the name of research we dragged ourselves down to the Dreamboys charity carwash to find out more about them and their newest recruit.

Epping Forest Guardian:

-Age: 23 and full of youthful energy
-Height: a towering 6ft 5in (get out those high heels girls)
-Weight: 15 stone 7 lbs of almost pure muscle
-Eyes: Dreamy blue like a cloudless sky
-Hair: Thick and blonde and ready to be ruffled
-Biceps: A whopping 18 inches when flexed. Swoon
-Strength: He can bench press 140 kg (22 stone). The equivilant of 42 magnums of champagne
-People perving at him online: Twitter 528,000 followers, Instagram 260,688 followers, Facebook 20,724 likes

It would be easy to get lost among a group of men who make themselves look sexy for a living, but at six-foot five Dan already stands out from the crowd and staring at his near-perfect torso it’s easy to see why they asked him to join in.

“I met David, the guy who runs it, at a charity event and we got chatting,” says the 23-year-old as he swings boyishly in his chair. “He told me all about what they do, how much fun they have and said did I want to get involved in a few shows so here I am.

“Thinking about dancing on stage in my pants, I was a bit nervous at first, but I thought ‘why not?’”

So he’s willing, but is he ready to give the crowds of (mostly) screaming woman the performance and moves they want and expect?

“We haven’t done any rehearsals yet as today is the first day I have met the guys. I like dancing. Whether I’m any good at it is another story, but I do enjoy it.”

The television star is well-known for his love of working out and has just been named as fitness guru for Attitude magazine and so probably doesn't have to suffer the crushing body worries most of us do. Does he?

“Last few weeks I’ve not trained much at all, but I usually do four or five days a week so I need to get back into the gym from today – especially now I’ve seen these lot...” he trails off with a nervous chuckle as he glances at the pumped up man flesh on display just a few centimetres from us.

“You have to eat healthy,” says the Essex lad when asked his top fitness tips, “and obviously train, but eating is the most important part of it.

“But I just had spaghetti bolognaise so don’t listen to me,” he laughs.

Having a nice body and flaunting it in front of thousands of strangers are two very different things, but Dan, who’s guilty pleasure is an Indian takeaway ‘most weekends’, seems unfazed about nudity.

“I don’t really think about it. I just take it off, ha, ha. I don’t like to take my clothes off all the time, but if I have to I just do it.

“I’m not that shy. Photoshoots and stuff I have done loads so I’m alright with it, it should be fine.”

Epping Forest Guardian: But will the dad-of-one, who has just announced he and girlfriend, EastEnders actress Jacqueline Jossa, are expecting their first child, be going all the way and getting as naked as the day he was born?

“No, no, no it’s not that kind of show,” he says glancing at his PR team who hover over us like hawks.

His exploits on stage won’t make it into the next series of TOWIE, which the aspiring singer says is due to start filming in late September.

And he says he will be sticking to his usual beauty routine of ‘a little bit of cocoa butter’ to prepare for his starring role at the city’s arena and baulks at the idea of extra primping to make him Dreamboy-ready.

“I don’t feel intimidated. I don’t compare myself. These guys do this for a living and they look good. Obviously, I don’t look as good as them, but I’ll just do what I’ve got to do.”

Alban Arena, Civic Centre, Friday, September 12. Details: 01727 844488, alban-arena.co.uk