A man has said he is “furious” after being charged more than £100 for CCTV that hasn't worked for more than five years. 

Barry Pettit, 66, of Larchwood House in Chigwell, first learned of the charge in November 2014 when police were called to the building following reports of anti-social behaviour in a stair well. 

Mr Pettit said on their arrival, officers asked residents if they had witnessed anything. 

When he told them there was CCTV, they said it was not working despite Mr Pettit being charged £52 by the council for the service. 

Mr Pettit was later told by Redbridge council, which owns the building in Chigwell, the charge was for works to refit the CCTV, which was set to be replaced after it was stolen in 2010. 

Six months later, Mr Pettit received another CCTV bill for £48. 

However the surveillance cameras had still not been fitted and no works had taken place. 

After speaking with councillors again, Mr Pettit says he was told to remove the overcharge costs from his annual £900 service charge. 

But he insists that is no longer "the main issue.” 

He said: “after speaking with the council, I was told that the CCTV would not be fitted and that I could remove the costs from my service charge bill. 

“However, it is no longer the main issue here. 

"I wouldn't even mind if there was CCTV in place, but there is not so where is our money going? 

“It is not just me, there are 41 flats in this building. 

"That is a £2,135 overcharge the first year and then another £2,000 this month that they are keeping for CCTV that doesn’t exist. 

“The council need to refund everyone their money and issue an apology. 

"There are elderly people in this building that are not even aware. 

“It is fraud.” 

Redbridge council has been approached for comment.