More than 1,000 people have joined a call for a safe pedestrian crossing on a “nightmare” road.

The handwritten petition for traffic lights in Honey Lane, Waltham Abbey, was started a month ago after a number of serious accidents left people concerned for their safety.

On February 17, a woman was hospitalised after her car crashed into a telephone pole, leaving her with a suspected back injury.

Earlier the same month, a man was left with serious head and chest injuries after his speeding car smashed into a bin lorry travelling in the opposite direction.

People living nearby say drivers regularly speed after leaving the M25, posing a danger not only to themselves but also to pedestrians trying to cross the residential road.

“To get across the road you really do take your life in your own hands”, said Jeannette Jones, 63, of The Aspens in Sines Park, a residential estate for the over-50s.

“It is a problem for residents around here.

“There are a lot of elderly and infirm, it is an over-50s park.

“You have got large lorries, when they come off the motorway they are still in ‘motorway mode’.”

Epping Forest Guardian:

The aftermath of one of the crashes in February (Photo by Richard McKenzie)

Jane Trite, 58, of Woodbine Close started the petition and is confident many more signatures will be collected before it is handed to Essex County Council next month.

She said: “It is just so dangerous.

“There are so many people and local business that are helping us with the petition so I have not got them all in yet.

“We have car accidents, lorries, motorbikes that get hit, dogs get killed.

“The traffic is just so fast.”

Epping Forest Guardian:

Jeanette Jones, Jane Trite and Tessa First started the crossing petition

It is hoped a crossing will slow through traffic and help elderly people make the crossing to bus stops they rely on to get into town.

Councillor Ricki Gadsby will be handing in the petition next month.

She said: “I take that road all the time too, it is really a nightmare.

“I am supporting it for many reasons - the safety of the residents, the visitors we have, the horse riders.

“We do need a crossing there, it is for everybody really.”