Just weeks before the release of her debut album I Laugh When I Cry on August 21, Muswell Hill singer Jess Glynne had to have vocal surgery and was left unable to speak, or sing.

She also had to cancel touring with John Legend and numerous festival appearances but the 25-year-old returned with a bang last month at V Festival and Music Cube.

Now fully recovered and in demand across the globe, we caught up with the north Londoner before she headed out on tour across American and the UK.

How does it feel to finally have your debut album out? And to get your fifth no.1?

I feel so emotional at the moment.I think everything is really hitting home for me. The fact that my album is out is a genuine dream come true and to get my fifth number one single AND a number 1 album here in the UK is just… wow! It genuinely hasn’t sunk in yet – it really hasn’t. It’s the most insane feeling to have your whole album accepted by the British public. To see how well it’s been received is possibly one of the most overwhelming feelings I’ve ever had. I’m so proud and excited about this album – I love every song on it. The fact that people are buying it and loving it as well is like some insane dream!

We hear you had a bit of an emotional moment on stage at V Festival- are you OK now?

I'm fine. That was my first big festival back after the surgery and to get that response from the crowd with everybody singing along to the songs was really emotional.

Favourite festival this year?

I had to cancel of lot of festivals this year when I needed vocal surgery but coming back to play V Festival last month was special for me

How did you feel about having vocal surgery this year?

I was scared because there are no guarantees but the doctor I saw is the best in the world and he gave me back my voice-maybe an even better voice. I do have a lot of exercises and stuff I need to do to look after it though.

What did you have done?

I had a polyp on my vocal chord which had to be removed and there were haemorrhages which had to be repaired. I was on complete vocal rest (no talking or singing) for three whole weeks.

How are you now?

I’m good and excited to be taking my music around the world now

How was it getting in the Music Cube box in Westfield recently?

Music Cube is surreal. You’re basically singing in a box surrounded by fans wearing wireless headphones – like a silent disco.

How do you choose your stage outfits?

I work with an amazing stylist named Chloe Richardson and also with my creative right-hand and best friend Jo’Lene Henry, who directed my first video for Home and also worked with me on my album cover. They come up with suggestions and ideas alongside mine.

Which was the hardest song on your album to write and why?

All of the songs had their own journey, their own trials and tribulations, so I can’t really pick the hardest. I love them all - they are all part of the journey and the story for me.

What essentials will you be taking on tour?

Bumble & Bumble Hair products, MAC Eyeliner, steamer for throat, Burts Bees Lip Balm and Liz Earle Face Products.

Who influenced you?

Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill were two of my most significant influences when it came to writing and creating melodies. They both inspired me to write about life.

Where are you living these days?

In North London but I’m hardly ever home so it feels like I’m living out of a suitcase.

Where did you go to gigs when you were a teenager?

I loved Alexandra Palace which is close to my home in Muswell Hill. It was a big moment for me when I played there earlier this year as a special guest with Clean Bandit.

Are you pleased with hindsight that you got rejected from X Factor as a teenager?

It just didn’t feel right for me and it wasn’t the road that I wanted to take. I’m glad I made that decision for me, but for other people it might be the right road to take.

Some of Clean Bandit are from north London –did you know them before you worked with them?

No we only met when they heard My Love, (the song I had recorded with Route 94) and invited me to the studio for a session. They played me the song they were working on and Rather Be was the result! it was the first time I sang on a song I hadn’t written but it ended up being an amazing and overwhelming moment in my career so far.

Who would you still like to work with?

There’s a long list of people but if you want me to pick a name right now, I’d say Frank Ocean or Timbaland but there are others...

Best gig/moment of your career so far?

There are now moments, plural! Getting my first number 1 single in the UK in my own right with Hold My Hand and then also with Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself and now with the album also at number 1.

Where do you keep your Grammy?

It’s at my parents house along with a few other treasured possessions.

Where do you hope you’ll be in 10 years?

Still creating and making music

Best advice you’ve ever been given?

To write 100 songs, work hard and believe in yourself. Try and find something unique but remember it’s not easy to achieve your dream without putting the work in!

Jess Glynne will be performing at SSE Arena Wembley on October 29, Roundhouse on November 4 and o2 Academy Brixton on February 20 and 21. Details: jessglynne.co.uk/

Watch Jess’s Glynne’s Music Cube performance at www.westfieldmusiccube.com or buy tickets for the Westfield London addition (November 6-8) on sale September 28.