A huge blaze has burned for five days after 1,500 tonnes of wood caught fire.

Yesterday evening (September 4), firefighters were still working to stop the spread of the flames in Hoe Lane, Nazeing.

Crews were first called early on Wednesday morning, when the massive mound of wood and wood chips – estimated to weigh 15,000 tonnes – was said to be 10 per cent alight.

Essex and Hertford fire and rescue services have sent eight engines, including two “water bowser” portable storage tanks.

Incident commander Phil Pidgeon said: “When crews arrived, the fire was well developed.

“Firefighters worked hard to establish good water supply using the town's hydrants and a water relay using the water bowser.

“Crews are working with onsite personnel to separate the large pile of wood.

“We are also working with the Environment Agency to minimalise the environmental impact.”

Thursday’s incident commander Kevin Haywood said the “controlled burn” of the pile is expected to last at least a week.

He said: “Our strategy for dealing with the fire is to separate the wood which is not on fire away from the wood which is.

“We are currently working to move the unaffected wood to a different area in the site.

“The section which is on fire, is being constantly monitored and is being allowed to burn itself out safely.”

Crews remain at the scene, moving the unaffected wood using diggers and only stopping work overnight.

Essex fire service warned people to close their windows and doors if they are affected by smoke, which has largely blown over fields.

Hoe Lane was earlier closed for the safety of crews and to allow fire hydrants to be used.

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