Rock and Roll is being brought back in style at the Millfield Theatre, as Joe Brown is performing some of the classics from his musical career that has spanned music hall, skiffle, Rock 'N' Roll, theatre, films, TV and radio for more than sixty years.

The heady days of Rock 'N' Roll will be laid bare during the evening, which promises to be an intimate glimpse into the hectic world of one of Britain's most enduring and best loved performers.

Joe will be full of anecdotes and music, which will be aided and abetted by his old friend Henry Gross, a superlative guitarist who founded the chart-topping group Shah Na Nah and was the youngest musician to play Woodstock.

After being born in Swarby, in Lincolnshire, in 1941, Joe's family moved to London when he was two, where they ran the Sultan pub, in Grange Road, Plaistow, then in Essex, which is now part of the London Borough of Newham.

In 1956, Joe formed The Spacemen skiffle group, which lasted until the skiffle movement faded towards the end of the decade. He then worked for British Railways at their Plaistow Locomotive works for two years, as a steam locomotive fireman. However, he left the job due to the strong smell of diesel from the steam trains.

He was later spotted by television producer Jack Good in 1958, who hired him as the lead guitarist in the orchestra of his new TV series, Boy Meets Girls. At the same time, he backed a number of American musicians such as Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran on their UK tours.

During the 1960s, Joe landed roles in a number of films, pantomime and stage musicals, the film What a Crazy World in 1963 and the hit musical Charlie Girl in the West End between 1965 and 1968, In 1972, he formed rock and roll band, Brown's Home Brew, which also played country and gospel music. The band featured his late wife, Vicki Brown, who died of cancer in 1991, and also Pete Oakman from the Bruvvers. This band was highly influential for Joe and the blend of musical styles that they used has stayed with him over the years, as he has performed using a number of genres ever since.

Joe Brown, Millfield Theatre, Silver Street, Enfield, N18 1PJ, Tuesday, October 11 and Wednesday, October 12, 7.45pm, details: