FLY TIPPERS have been fined nearly £10,000 after dumping an old bathroom and flooring.

Dechko Enev was fined £1292 for dumping the bathroom suite in Epping Forest at Chelmsford Magistrates Court at the end of April.

Carpet Shop director, Barry Jacobs, and employee Petru Sarghi, from Chingford, were ordered to pay £3,785 for dumping flooring in the forest the same day.

Victor Dmitriu and his business, V&V building services, were prosecuted by the City of London Corporation at Chelmsford Magistrates Court on May 11 and was ordered to pay £4,743 for failing to make sure their rubbish, which was found at High Beach and in Fernhall Lane, was disposed of properly. 

Philip Woodhouse, chairman of the CoL’s Epping Forest Committee, said: “It is unacceptable for people to dump rubbish in the forest and we will vigorously prosecute anyone found to be carrying out this sort of activity.”

A dead donkey, dogs, a cat and 16,000kg of building waste has been dumped in the forest in recent years.

The CoL offers a £500 reward for anyone who can give evidence which leads to a prosecution for fly tipping.

They clean up 600 fly tips and 300 tonnes of rubbish in the forest, costing £300,000 a year.