AN ENVIRONMENT concious resident tired of fishing traffic cones out of a stream has called on the goodness of others to form a litter picking group.

Green Party activist Dave Plummer and his landlady-come-Green Party branch treasurer Linda Johnson-Laird have been walking around the town picking up unsightly pieces of rubbish and discarded bits of litter.

Mr Plummer said: "There is a lot of litter in Waltham Abbey. We have been picking up loads of stuff.

"I personally have been getting my feet wet getting in the Cornmill Stream and removing a traffic cone. Within two weeks of fishing it out, it was back in the stream again."

Realising that the problem was too big for the pair of them acting along, Mr Plummer decided to start a litter picking group.

"We want to get a bunch of people together to meet about once a month and go on a litter pick," he added.

"Most likely on weekends, Saturdays or Sundays."

To get involved, Google The Waltham Abbey Litter Picking Posse.