STAFF and employees of a high street supermarket have been plunged into icy temperatures for a second time after the heating broke.

In 2014 cashiers in the Epping Marks and Spencer had to don woolly gloves and scarves when the heating malfunctioned, causing temperatures to dip to 12 degrees.

For the past two weeks floor staff have been experiencing the same stiff chill, temporary heaters having failed to make up for the broken boiler.

One customer, who asked to remain anonymous, said: "When you have all those fridges in there pumping out cold air and you have no heating, it gets very cold. And it's going to get colder next week.

"If you had to stand up in the same position every day for eight hours in that temperature it would get very uncomfortable."

A spokesperson for M&S explained engineers had been called in to get the heating back up and running.

They said: “Engineers are in the process of fixing the heating at M&S Epping.

"The comfort of our customers and employees is extremely important to us and the store has installed temporary heaters to ensure minimal disruption.”