A YEAR long project in which an artists immersed herself in the forest has resulted in a powerful series of photographs.

Last year Marion Sidebotttom started 'You can't see the tree for the woods', a project exploring the historical importance of Epping Forest and the stories of its trees.

She presented her work in the summer and is now exhibiting a second series focusing on people's tree tales at the View Visitor Centre Gallery in Chingford.

She said: "I have spent time with the Conservation Arborists, a mycologist, walking groups, the Field Studies Council and local residents.

"I went and met all these different people. The exhibition is of photographs, recordings and photo montages telling people's tree stories.

"It is about connecting the people with the tree. To try and help people understand what the trees mean to other people.

"There are so many incredible trees that people just walk past them without understanding their cultural significance."

The exhibition runs until April 2, from 10am to 5pm each day.