A fault in the automatic parking system at a new shopping park landed one customer with a £100 fine.

On March 26 Michael McGough drove into the car park at Langston Road at around 12.15pm, leaving a short while later.

He briefly returned later in the day to pick up a pint of milk from Aldi.

This week the retired chartered accountant was sent a letter by High View Parking demanding £100 for overstaying his welcome, reduced to £60 if he paid within 14 days.

According to the letter, Mr McGough had remained in the car park from 12.16pm to 19.06pm.

He said: "Its ANPR equipment clearly hasn't caught me coming out and then going back in.

"If it has caught me it is clearly going to catch others.

"We go to the shopping park quite a lot but never for more than an hour or two. There's nothing there really."

While the Wellfields, Loughton resident has appealed the fine, the time spent sorting the problem out remains an issue.

Mr McGough added: "It is administrative hassle for something I haven't done.

"All this system is doing is getting up people's noses."

Highview Parking was contacted for comment.