FOX CUBS huddling for shelter under some decking and a lost fawn are some of the animals saved by Waltham Abbey Rescue and Rehabilitation so far this spring.

Run by mother and daughter team Jenny and Emma Wacket, the centre takes in injured, sick and orphaned wildlife and nurtures them back to health until they are ready to be released into their natural habitat again.

They are currently looking after five fox cubs and a muntjac fawn.

One female cub was found alone and close to death by a member of the public in a stable yard. She was brought to the rescue duo who were able to warm her up, take her to the vets and provide shelter.

It is thought she may have been abandoned because of a physical defect.

The other four cubs were a few days old and found under some decking huddled together, likely marooned after their mother was killed on the road.

They foxy siblings have been being hand reared around the clock and now have their eyes open.

The muntjac fawn is thought to be less than a week old at the time of writing.

She was found looking for her mother by a couple walking their dogs. She is recovering well and will hopefully return to the wild soon.

Spokesperson Carina Powney said: "How can we help? Drive at safe speed through the forest roads and if you see deer at the side of the road stop, alert other drivers with your hazards and allow plenty of time for all of the group to cross.

"If you find young animals or fledgling birds don't assume they need help the parents may have gone looking for food. If it becomes obvious they are in trouble contact a wildlife rescue or vet. You can also contact Jenny or Emma they have a Facebook page Waltham Abbey Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation."

A campaign has been launched to pay for an additional building to house more animals.

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