A FURTHER batch of chickens has been stolen from a charity farm, taking the total number of feathered friends lost to almost 100 in three years.

Yesterday workers at Lambourne End Centre for Outdoor Learning discovered eight frizzle chickens gone, the padlocks on their coops broken and the doors open, leaving other poultry to walk free.

A further eight of the fluffy breed were taken from the 54 acre outdoor learning centre near Abridge a fortnight ago.

That follows another two thefts since 2015, in which 80 battery hens were taken collectively.

Claire Gilmore, fundraiser, said: "They've taken every last one we had. We incubated the babies ourselves with our young people and we’re so upset. They were everyone’s favourite because they looked like they had a perm.

"We don't know why they want the chickens or if it is happening to other places."

When the battery hens were stolen the Centre raised £800 to replace them, locking the new flock in an impenetrable container at night.

This time around help is sought to secure the farm's perimeter.

Ms Gilmore added: "We are a small charity and we can't really afford for this to happen.

"I would like send to a request out to anyone who can donate fencing or offer some help to protect the chickens."

If you can help, call 02085003047 and ask for Claire Gilmore.

On April 22 the Centre is hosting an open day.

Families can meet lambs, piglets and baby goats, including very rare quadruplets.

Activities include kayaking, caving, archery, pond dipping, pony and cart rides.