A talented child actor donned a military costume to imitate the American president for a Mercury Award winning band's video.

Sammy Miller stars as the chief dictator in Young Father's 'Toy', seemingly a satire of strong-man politics in which young boys rule the world.

The 11 year-old performs at the Stage One acting academy in his home town of Ongar, and landed the music video gig after Goldilocks agency saw him in the troupe's pantomime.

Mum Amanda Miller is not surprised Sammy has found his feet early in the acting world.

She said: "I first noticed he was a performer probably when he was two. He was always being a clown really. He has always been very confident.

"Always chatting and making people laugh."

The High Ongar Primary School pupil once entered himself into a talent show and performed an Ed Sheeran song.

He made his way from the stage to the front row where he serenaded a group of girls.

"He loves it," Mrs Miller, a stay-at-home-mum of five said.

"This is what he wants to do."

Sammy's next role will be Joseph in his school's end of year production in July.