This terrifying looking snake was spotted in the grounds of a park – and there could be more lurking in the bushes.

Paul Donovan spotted the creature lying on the pavement while cycling through Wanstead Park with his nephew and brother this week.

He managed to snap a photo before it slithered back into the bushes and posted the photo on social media to see what people thought.

Luckily, the consensus is that it is a corn snake which is harmless to humans and is not venomous.

The corn snake subdues its small prey via constriction and usually eats wild rats and mice.

They have a docile nature and are unlikely to bite. Mr Donovan believes they are common in Wanstead Park. 

Mr Donovan, who spotted the snake at the end of Empress Avenue near the Stables, said: “The picture looks bigger than it is – I actually think it’s a baby. We weren’t scared.

“This is a sign of the variety of wildlife in Wanstead Park and shows the environment is changing. It’s good to know it’s a harmless snake.”