A tube carriage built in the same year Cyprus was granted independence and shots were fired in the Cod Wars has been delivered to the Epping Ongar Railway.

The 1959 Stock tube carriage was donated by London Underground and dropped off at the North Weald Station on Monday.

The carriage was previously stored in the Northern Line Depot at Morden but had to be moved as part of a major upgrade project.

It will be put on permanent display at North Weald as an added attraction for visitors where it will become a small museum showing the history of the Epping Ongar Railway and London Transport memorabilia.

Dean Walton, business development manager said: ”I am delighted that we have been able to add this attractive carriage to our collection of vehicles.

"We have no plans to bring it in passenger service but the interior is in great shape and I know that following some work by our volunteers our passengers will love it."

The 1959 tube stock carriage is an example of the type that used to work on the Northern and Piccadilly lines before withdrawal in early 2000 and was the last tube train to be crewed with a motorman and a guard.

It was brought by low-loader from Morden and unloaded in a complicated procedure using two cranes.

After delivery to the loading pad at North Weald the unit will be shunted to its final position at the top of its Up Sidings on full display to passengers.

The area around the carriage will be improved to allow for free and easy access for people visiting the carriage.