Keeping the integrity of Jessel Green, Loughton is something well worth arguing for. The Local Plan has it designated for development.

The Greater London Council Debden housing estate was planned and built in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Its green lungs were important then and are still important today.

Jessel Green is the last remaining large area of natural open space in a densely populated and urban part of our district and is bordered on all four sides by housing and has two secondary schools and two primary schools in very close proximity.

Local people use Jessel Green on a daily basis throughout the seasons. It is also used for informal recreation and community events such as the Play in the Park scheme and community fun days.

Local residents have made their feelings extremely clear about the local plan proposal through their massive support for the grass roots campaign Save Jessel Green.

As a Loughton local councillor since 1982 (Loughton Broadway ward 1982-98) I have seen many changes in this part of Loughton and know that the charge of nimbyism is a false one as this part of our town has already seen over 19 large developments within the boundaries of the former GLC Debden estate.

The latest fields in trust research clearly shows the economic, social and health benefits of public open spaces such as Jessel Green.

Epping Forest District Council is also contradicting its policies as regards to clean air and encouraging physical activity through their decision to build on this green.

For me proposing to build on our Jessel Green is the same as suggesting development for the Theydon Bois village green or the green by Chigwell station which is something EFDC would never propose. It is surely fair to ask why is Jessel Green different ?

All our town’s 14 district councillors and 22 Town councillors are against this proposal and the Loughton Town Council will continue to do all it can to protect Jessel Green and will make its voice heard in the inspection process as regards the local plan.

Please come and show your support for our beautiful green by coming to the Jessel Green community fun day on Sunday July 15, 12pm until 4pm.

It will be a fantastic day for families and the local community and will send another loud message to EFDC.