A 74 year old lady from Buckhurst Hill has decided to turn her hand to writing, penning an autobiography of her life from the age of three.

My Long Road to Freedom, written by Jenny Chapman and available in the Book Shop in Loughton and on Amazon, details sexual abuse as a child and her experience of being brought up in a strict religious family. Without any friends for most of her childhood she was bullied at school and was admitted to hospital on more than one occasion due to mental health problems.

As an adult, “against all odds”, Jenny became a teacher and says she was able to empathise with their troubles.

Jenny says she “persevered through life, never giving up and always striving for the best” and went on to find “freedom” and happiness.

Epping Forest Guardian:

Following a “deep crisis of meaning” a former lawyer has published a book on his journey from the “depths of despair to the light within”.

Suhail Mirza’s career led him to question the value and purpose of his existence despite his success in work.

Many Mansions sets out the 10 steps he took, which he says “anyone can take to reclaim their inner authentic self”.

In the book Suhail also invites readers to see their own healing as part of the healing required within our world; a world broken by division and difference rather than uniting through light and love.

Published by One Light Publishing