The town's most famous MP has been immortalised through the medium of corrugated cardboard on the anniversary of D-Day.

A bust of Sir Winston Churchill, who served as Epping's member of parliament from 1924 to 1945, was unveiled yesterday, 74 years after the Allies invaded Normandy.

Two years ago the district council hung a plaque in honour of the wartime Prime Minister outside Marks and Spencer, on a site where Churchill once addressed the town's folk.

Yesterday sustainable packaging campaign Beyond the Box went one better, crafting the politician's iconic head out of 118 layers of double flute corrugated cardboard.

Andy Barnetson, a spokesman for the company, said: "To build a sustainable future we need to change our behaviour, but it’s important to remember that not all packaging is created equal.

"As the UK’s sustainable packaging solution, corrugated cardboard boasts impressive recycling rates, it’s renewable and it can be widely re-used in the home. "Churchill said ‘We shape our buildings; thereafter, they shape us’.

"With the launch of Beyond the Box today, we’ll be applying this logic to the ever evolving packaging climate and helping to shape the UK’s packaging uses in the years to come.”