A Momentum member and youth club leader has been suspended from the Labour Party for making an anti-Semitic post.

Nick Robinson shared an image of a giant hand bedecked with a Star of David pushing down on small characters, drawn in a style associated with pre-WWII propaganda.

While the Loughton Youth Project leader argued it was a critique of in-fighting within the Labour Party, others saw it as propagating antisemitic stereotypes.

The posts - which also included one calling London Mayor Sadiq Khan a "Zionist establishment stooge" - were sent to the Labour Party last year, which subsequently suspended Mr Robinson pending investigation.

Earlier this week non-official faction Labour Against Antisemitism called for the former Epping Forest YES Partnership chairman to be stripped of his party membership.

Euan Philipps, Labour Against Antisemitism spokesman, said: “What we’re discovering about Nick Robinson is extremely troubling.

"If these allegations are true, and they appear to be, he should be thrown out of the Labour Party and out of Momentum, both of which he is a member of."

Epping Forest Guardian:

One of the posts sent to the Labour Party (above) and Mr Robinson's explanation (below).

Epping Forest Guardian:

The Labour Party would not comment about Mr Robinson's case, but said it was committed to fighting against all forms of antisemitism and that all reports are investigated fully.

Mr Robinson said anti-Semitism and all forms of racial or cultural hate, prejudice and discrimination are “abhorrent”.

He added: “There is no place for them in society and there is certainly no place for them in the Labour Party.

"This is the antitheses of the values and perspectives that define me, as a person, lived out through my personal and professional life."

He went on to say he had been suspended from the Labour Party since September 2017 but was not informed due to an 'administrative error' until four months later.

Mr Robinson has received no details relating to his case, he said, and that requests for information from the local party had been turned down.

He concluded: "I have close Jewish friends and many of the most personally inspiring, brave and talented activists and intellectuals within the international Labour movement come from a background within Jewish communities and popular culture.

"All I wish for is to return to serving and supporting young people, my local community and my political party with the support, respect and good-will of people around me."