A driver who was charged nearly £800 by Transport for London (TfL) after being incorrectly fined for a congestion charge said he will “not let it lie” until the money is returned to him.

In April, Wilson Chowdhry, who lived in Gordon Street, Ilford, at the time, was forced to pay £791 by bailiffs acting on behalf of TfL or have possessions from his house seized.

The bailiffs told Mr Chowdhry, who now lives in Chigwell, that he had two outstanding fines for a TfL congestion charge.

But the vehicle he had been charged for was an electric car and so was exempt from the charge.

Mr Chowdhry said: “When I bought the vehicle I thought I could save money and save the environment but all I have done is spend more money than I expected.”

TfL said they had sent letters to Mr Chowdhry, but it later emerged that the car dealership where he purchased his vehicle had registered his address with the DVLA incorrectly to his neighbour’s house.

Epping Forest Guardian:

But his neighbours said they have never received any letters addressed to Mr Chowdhry from TfL.

Mr Chowdhry described the incident as a “kick in the teeth” and said he had never heard about the fines.

He appealed to TfL to return his money, but the transport body said that because one of his “outstanding bills” was overdue for an appeal he would have to complete a new form.

Mr Chowdhry said: “I find it disgraceful that they have rejected my appeal as there was no way I could have known about the first fines.

“It has been very stressful process, sometimes I have had to complete the forms two or three times because they wanted more information from me, it is not an easy process.”

Mr Chowdhury is adamant he will not pay additional court fees to appeal TfL’s decision.

He added: “I feel angry, upset and frustrated and I have lost all hope but I am not going to give up.”

“I am not going to let this lie until that money has been returned to me.

“That money has been taken unjustly taken away from me and I won’t lie until it has been returned.”

Paul Cowperthwaite, general manager of road user charging at TfL, said he was “sorry” for the trouble that Mr Chowdhry experienced as a result of the DVLA holding an incorrect address for him.

He added: “We have cancelled Mr Chowdhry’s Penalty Charge Notices and will issue a full refund.

“The charges were originally incurred as the vehicle wasn’t registered as electric, so we will work with Mr Chowdhry to ensure it has the appropriate exemptions.”