Life-saving critical care beds were often full at both King George and Queens Hospitals last winter.

This has led to an increase in cancelled operations and has put some patients at increased risk of harm. Some of these beds provide highly-specialised care for trauma patients across north east London, Essex and Kent.

We are going to 10 Downing Street on July 12 to support Keith Prince AM and Cllrs Michael Deon Burton, Nic Dodin and and Dennis O’Flynn to support a cross-party and cross-borough campaign for more funding for extra critical care beds at King George & Queens this coming winter.

It would be great if any Guardian readers could join us on the day outside the gates of number 10 to give some support. This is a campaign that can be won. There has been in increase in critical care beds nationally and the growing local population means our request is reasonable.

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Bob Archer, Andy Walker, Lee Burkwood, (Green Party) & Pete Mason, (Socialist Party)