Open letter to Waltham Forest Council:

As a resident of Walthamstow Forest I do not want a newspaper every two weeks from you.

I also do not want you to spend the £350,000 on them and I do not want you to take this to the courts.

It is delusional for you to believe it’s acceptable to spend this amount on rubbish, as mine goes straight in the bin for recycling.

Spend this money on something worthwhile for all the community not just a few.

It is also about time some of your staff were moved to other departments as they have been in their present job for far to long making bad decisions, where most of the problems with the increase in pollution has been caused because of a few people thinking they know what is best and closing roads down.

As an example, today it took three to four hours to get from Grove Road to Billet Road - a distance of about three miles and usually a 10-minute journey - because of all the side-road closures, forcing traffic to use the main roads.

Please think again about what you are doing to this community. I have lived here all my life and it used to be a friendly place to live. It has been ruined by your council and its stupid actions.

Name and address supplied