The county's Labour MEP has spoken out against the USA's '"racist and sexist" president's visit to the UK.

On Friday Donald Trump will touch down in London before embarking on a four day trip to Scotland, Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire and Chequers in Oxfordshire.

Protests are expected to follow the Republican leader, with a large, inflatable Trump-baby balloon to be flown above the capital.

Adding her voice to those in opposition to the president's visit is Essex Labour MEP Alex Mayer.

She said: “Local people are mobilising against Trump.

"Fair-minded Essex people are up in arms that Theresa May is rolling out the red carpet for a man who has locked up toddlers, embarked on a no win trade war and whose racist and sexist views are well known.

"Well done to everyone marching against this bigot.

"The sight of Theresa May sucking up to such a person only shows what a weak and feeble Prime Minister she has become.”

An anti-Trump visit is planned in Harlow and a coach will head from the town to London where around 50,000 people are expected to protest.

Organisers hope for a “carnival of resistance” in opposition to the US president.