A faulty fuel supply caused an car to burst into flames on an Epping road yesterday.

Shortly before 12.54pm flames took hold of a red Ford hatchback on Uplands Road.

The smoke billowed out of the vacated car as traffic began to build up.

Firefighters arrived and had extinguished the blaze by 1.13pm.

On later inspection the cause of the fire was found to be a faulty fuel supply.

Witness Yvonne Goder-Persand said: "I was just driving by when I saw the car on fire. There was traffic queued back.

"I could feel the heat of the car. It looked very burnt.

"People had to drive close to it to get around it. I was surprised there were no emergency services there.

"The road wasn't cordoned off. I was a bit worried it was going to blow up."