Written by Darren Mockler, from Chingford, Raised from the Shadows is set in Victorian England. A time of affluence due to the rise of the British Empire and with it a class divide epitomised by the political-social unrest in London’s dark underworld the East End.

John Cutty is a troubled young boy struggling through childhood as he is exposed to life events that leave him with deep emotional scars inflicted by psychological trauma. With his sanity at stake, he finds sanctuary in the deepest recesses of his mind to escape having to deal with the painful experiences and draws strength from an inner guiding voice.

With adulthood comes a change of fortunes as John moves to London and with it the potential for a new life and career. Following a chance encounter, he is drawn to the excitement and menace of Whitechapel and the East End. All seems well until a reunion with his estranged mother triggers a series of events with explosive consequences.

What follows is a fast-paced journey through the life and mind of a serial murderer that climaxes with an explosive internal battle between John Cutty and his dark alter ego with his sanity and the life of his loved one at stake.

Darren says: “I’ve always loved storytelling and reminiscing with family and friends. I have enjoyed reading since a very young age.

“It took me a long time to settle to write my first piece of fiction, Raised from the Shadows, and the second, Guardian of the Faith will follow. I love psychological crime thrillers and movies which are my chosen genre for my novels. I have a professional background in clinical psychology which most definitely influences my writing.”

Available in Waterstones and Foyles from August 30.