Stations in Leyton and Leytonstone have once again been overlooked by TfL to be made step free.

It means local disabled residents and those with buggies can enjoy a less stress free journey, however it seems we will have to continue to suffer for quite a while.

We already know that South Woodford underground will be made step free and it has recently been announced that Snaresbrook station will also be step free.

As you know, Walthamstow Central will be getting a second as part of the plans for the Central station area.

The south of the borough is starved of any real investment by all authorities.

Disabled people have to compete with buggies for the disabled space on buses. Many buses over the country provide both disabled and buggy areas, but not in London.

It is 2018 and yet disabled people are still not able to use their local station, what a disgrace.

P Olford, Leytonstone, by email