A young martial arts champion with ambitions to become a grand master scooped three medals at world finals.

On July 14 Iesa Saeed competed in the Tang Soo Do Martial Arts world championships in North Carolina.

Not content to merely take part, the 11 year-old fought through three rounds of bow wielding, knife work and sparring to bag two golds and one silver.

The triumph was particularly sweet for the Chigwell resident, who trains five days a week while managing his type 1 diabetes.

Before Iesa flew out to the US with 54 other GB squad members, he worked his way through regional, national and then European finals in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

His mum Sabah said: "After not doing so well in his first few competitions, he worked really hard got through to the Europeans.

"My husband stayed with the other three kids at home and we went to Holland.

"He didn't get nervous, it was me that did. He ended up winning two silvers."

Having qualified for the world finals, Iesa and Mrs Saeed headed to North Carolina.

As well as striking gold twice, the Oak Park High School visited a water park and the world headquarters of Tang Soo Do.

Buoyed by the experience, Iesa is determined to work his way up the ranks.

Mrs Saeed added: "He is a red tag, which is one away from a black belt.

"At the ninth level of black belt you become a grand master. He has spoken about being a grand master. That's his aim.

"I'm his mum so I would say this, but he's amazing. He takes it all in his stride."

Now back home, Iesa has returned to his gym in St Mary's Church, Leyton, where coach Mohammed Islam will help him work towards the next world championships in 2020.