A young girl inspired by a morning television segment had her hair chopped off for charity.

Olivia Ablett, seven, saw a documentary on the BBC featuring a child who donated her hair to a friend who had leukemia.

After repeatedly asking permission from mum Sarah Rose, the Epping High Street resident called the Little Princess Trust and was sent a starter pack.

This weekend friends and family members gathered at the Theydon Oak pub to watch Olivia's waist length hair be cut back to her ears.

Ms Rose said: "She was absolutely wonderful.

"She wasn't nervous at all, but I was crying.

"Not because I was sad, because I was so proud.

"She sat there with a great big smile on her face."

As well as her hair which will be made into a wig, Olivia has so far raised more than £750 through a raffle and donations made online.

To donate go to www.justgiving.com/fundraising/sj-rose