If you are disappointed to be missing the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year you may be pleased to know there will be an opportunity to experience the spirit of the world’s largest arts festival in the this Bank Holiday Monday.

Following its run in Edinburgh, Tallulah Brown is bringing her new play Songlines to the Queen’s Theatre in Hornchurch for one night only.

This brand new piece of gig theatre is a witty and moving coming-of-age love story in all its awkward teen glory. Songlines tells the tale of two troubled teenagers in the countryside, their unlikely friendship and their attempt to make sense of the confusing and at times harsh world around them.

Songlines captures the trials of growing up and the power of music in that process. The show features Tallulah’s award-winning band TRILLS, who perform a beautiful mix of folk and country melodies live on stage throughout the show, to emphasise the importance of music to the story.

I spoke to Tallulah to find out more…

What inspired the play initially?

George Chilcott, the director and Steven Atkinson, artistic director at HighTide, came to see Seafret last year, which is a play set in Suffolk about two girls whose houses are falling into the sea, and they liked it, and said would I think about setting another play in the same area using my band, which I’ve been in for about 12 years now - we kind of gig, and we also do a lot of sound tracking for trailers.

This was my first opportunity to essentially live soundtrack one of my plays, which was a really exciting proposition they came to me with. So I scurried away and came up back with Songlines.

The two characters are seventeen in the play, how important is it for you to tell stories about that - the post-millennial generation?

For me, it was to do with that age group in Suffolk, where your life revolves around bus stops and hanging out on the beach, and I wanted those sets to be really central to the play and I think that that has already really engaged with the age group. And the madness of needing your parents to drop you off at house parties. It’s also specific to growing up in the countryside, and a lot of my friends from cities don’t get that at all, it’s not part of their route.

The cast is so young, which brings this new level of authenticity to the script. If you’ve ever been in a teenager, or you currently are a teenager, if you’ve ever fallen in love, or if you are currently in love, and if you’ve ever wet yourself at a non-pool pool party… come see Songlines, it’ll speak to you.

Queen’s Theatre, Billet Lane, Hornchurch, RM11 1QT, Monday, August 27, 8pm. Details: 01708 443333, queens-theatre.co.uk