A fundraising page has been launched for a well-known businessman whose back was broken in a brutal assault at London Pride.

In the early hours of July 8 World of Pets owner Tom Barwick was attacked from behind near Tottenham Court Road in a homophobic incident that left the Debden shopkeeper with a fractured spine.

Crippled by a combination of pain, nerve damage and high doses of prescription drugs, Mr Barwick's family came to his bedside at Royal London Hospital in celebration of his fiftieth birthday on July 12.

While he is now walking again and back home, the effects of the attack have been long lasting.

Mr Barwick said: ""I have to wear the brace for six months and I have about 70 per cent of the feeling in my right leg, but the doctors say I will recover.

"It is hurting business because I am not down there in the shop and I am quite anxious now.

"I am not so comfortable going out on my own."

Regulars at Mr Barwick's Debden shop, Broadway residents who see him walking parrot-on-shoulder down the road and strangers touched by his predicament have begun to fundraise on his behalf.

So far, £680 has been raised to help him cope with the physical and mental stress.

Staci Pope, a well-wisher and donor, wrote: "So disgusted this happened to you, especially after London Pride.

"Absolutely terrible. Wish you, your family and your pet store a speedy recovery."

Tom Ward added: "It could have been anyone of us Tommy. We are all behind you."

To donate, go to www.gofundme.com/2an32s-help-with-living