A pair of mums and their kids are frustrated by the placement of a "massive sign" that forces pedestrians into the road.

Yesterday (August 27) Holly Martin and Sarah Maynard-Howe were walking along the lane between Pyrles Lane and Debden Campsite when they encountered an obstacle.

A large sign warning drivers of skidding had been installed, blocking their path.

The band of walkers, which included four children and Ms Martin's baby in a pushchair, headed into the fast moving road.

The 34 year-old Chandler Road, Loughton resident said: "Cars go about 40 miles an hour along that road.

"It is not really safe for children or pushchairs.

"It is a massive sign. It juts out across the pavement.

"We had to manoeuvre past it. The buggy had to go into the road to get past it.

"It seems almost lazy. They have gone down and just put it anywhere. It is an accident waiting to happen."

Mrs Martin reported the problem to Essex County Council's highway division at 8am this morning.

Two hours later she was told the the issue had been "investigated and risk-assessed", leading officers to conclude: "It is not as serious as many other issues we are aware of, so we won't take further action on it."

An Essex Highways spokesperson, said: “The sign which makes it awkward to navigate this narrow pavement is a temporary one, which has been put up to warn drivers to keep to 20mph for a few days as the road has been surface-dressed.

"It will be removed shortly and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.”