A mum is rallying the community to stop gang violence a week after her children escaped a mugging.

Last Tuesday (August 22) what has been a worrying trend of thefts and violence in Loughton over the summer months came to a head.

In one day three separate teenagers were targeted by a now well known group of youths, who are believe to come from somewhere further down the Central Line.

As well as physically threatening and robbing their targets of popular Carrera bicycles, the offending pupils boasted of carrying knives.

With many Loughton parents already aware of the potential trouble facing their kids since school broke up last month, when Jenni Ward vented her frustrations on Facebook after two of her children were targeted, it gained a huge amount of attention.

She said: "My kids had finished playing football and went down to the shopping centre on Langston Road.

"The group approached my boy and one of them got him by the scruff of the neck. In broad daylight.

"My kids sprinted away and were chased into the BMW garage."

There the group attempted to grab one of their bikes and were only stopped when a passer-by intervened - a passer-by whose own child had been attacked the week before.

Mrs Ward found out about the incident when parents of her children's friend dropped them home, telling her how they had spent two hours combing the town for a bike stolen from their boy near Morrisons.

When their child had confronted his muggers, he was threatened with a knife.

"This gang has no respect and no fear for anyone," Mrs Ward added.

"As you can imagine, there are a lot of parents and residents of Loughton who are utterly sick of this and ultimately majorly concerned for our children's welfare.

"As a parent, I'm petrified of my children going out and enjoying the most fun and free time of the year."

It is not only parents who are concerned however.

Since her post went viral, three school children have messaged her about incidents using recently created fake profiles to protect their identity.

Another of her kids' friends has refused to leave the house for five days.

As a result, Mrs Ward and many of her online supporters have been stirred into action.

As well as helping to arrange a meeting to discuss solutions to the issue at 7.30pm tonight (August 30) at Loughton Club, the 32 year-old's partner Kevin Edwards is starting a boxing club.

Inspired by one he currently runs in Barking to teach former gang members discipline, Mr Edwards is hoping to bring the initiative to Loughton.

In addition, one of the organisers of London's BikesUpKnivesDown campaign is planning a mass ride through the town.

Mrs Ward said: "As a community if we don't all do something about this it is not going to change.

"We all need to come together and let the message get out that we are strong as a community."

Essex Police was contacted for comment.