A couple of young entrepreneurs responsible a clothing and music festival have assured concerned residents they are not holding a rave.

On Saturday Ongar will play host to Zen Fest, a music and clothing festival organised by business partners Sam Cottrell and Stefan Poelman along with James Stacey.

The launched clothing company Zen Apparel while at school with the help of a government start-up loan, and are now looking for ways to push the company forward three years later.

Mr Cottrell said: "One of the most important things for any business is promotion and marketing, especially for a start up business like ours having to compete with the bigger companies.

"The event isn’t just for us, but will provide a platform for other local brands and local businesses to come together and reach out to our target audience of young adults."

Zen Fest will run from 12pm to 10pm with tickets costing between £18 and £28.

While they have released little information about the festival, the pair are keen to calm fears they are planning a large, anti-social party.

Mr Cottrell added: "Although we have the support of the local council and have organised the event in accordance with all the necessary requirements and restrictions, unfortunately - and perhaps inevitably - some local people in High Ongar have expressed concern, thinking that we are organising a rave in the neighbourhood.

"We are not.

"We are hard-working young entrepreneurs wanting to gather young people together to promote our businesses and have a good time.