The area's MP has not faltered in her support of Brexit two years after coming out in favour of departure.

In a 2016 article for The Guardian, Dame Eleanor Laing described the EU as 'yesterday's game'.

Following a visit to Epping by the Conservative Party's deputy chairman James Cleverly this week - a visit in which he offered support to the Government' s approach to Brexit - Dame Eleanor gave her view on how negotiations were unfolding.

She said: "The main thing is that the large proportion of people that live in my constituency voted to leave the EU.

"It was a proper democratic vote. It is right that the will of the British people is brought into action.

"At the same time when you are negotiating you can't expect to achieve 100 per cent of what you want.

"I do believe that the prime minister's proposals put us in the best positions for a negotiation with the EU and I sincerely hope that that the outcome is a deal which is the best way forward for everyone in this country. Businesses as well."

When asked whether she would back a second referendum in the case of no-deal, Dame Eleanor said she would not.

She added: "I look at this from the point of view of the sustainability of the constitution.

"As deputy speaker that is one of the things that concerns me.

"We have had a decisive referendum with a decisive result. To go back and have another would make a mockery of democracy."

The Epping Forest MP did indicate that if Britain was facing economic disaster she might back remaining in the EU, but underlined her belief that the country's future was "really bright."