A teenager followed on a busy tube has called for CCTV on the Central Line after narrowly escaping her harassers.

As she stood on a busy post-Nottinghill Carnival train at around 9.30pm on August 27, the 19 year-old - who has asked not to be named - noticed two men speaking about her.

One approached, asked where she lived and then told her to stay to the left of them.

"Me and my friend are going to box you in, don't move," one ordered.

Terrified they would drag her off at the next station, the woman approached a nearby couple before slipping onto the platform at Stratford.

The men followed her onto the platform then onto a second and third train, keeping their eyes on the teenager as she tried to dodge through the crowds and make her escape.

She said: "By this point I was terrified, as a 19 year-old girl on my own I felt totally threatened."

While the young woman eventually gave the two men the slip, her concerns about safety on the Central Line remain.

She added: "What happened to me happened on a full train on a bank holiday evening.

"Who knows what might have happened if there were less people on the train.

"I strongly sensed that this was not going to be a mugging, I didn’t have my phone out, they weren’t looking a my bag, they were looking at me.

"I think this and many other incidences highlight the need for CCTV on the Central Line.

"Not only would it hopefully help to catch crime, but would also act as a deterrent for crime altogether."

The Central Line is one of the oldest in London's underground network.

Although CCTV covers station platforms, there are none onboard trains - something that is not due to change until 2023.

Peter McNaught, director of asset operations for London Underground said: “All our passengers have the right to travel without fear or intimidation and we work closely with the British Transport Police (BTP) to make sure our trains and stations are safe and secure.

“There is an extensive network of more than 12,000 CCTV cameras operating across the Tube network including CCTV at all Central Line stations.

"There are also 3,000 police and police community support officers dedicated to policing the transport network.

"We encourage anyone who experiences or witnesses a crime to report it as quickly as possible, so offenders can be brought to justice."

A spokesperson for BTP confirmed an investigation was underway and that no arrests have been made.

Anyone with information is asked to contact British Transport Police by calling 0800 40 50 40 or texting 61016.