A woman in need of a second lung is one of many in Essex waiting for an organ.

Sue Britton, 48 from Chelmsford, was born with Cystic Fibrosis and always knew there was a high chance she would need a lung transplant.

After her health declined in her 30s, she was listed on the transplant waiting list and waited ten months before she received her new set of lungs at Harefield Hospital, just eight weeks after her 40th birthday.

After enjoying two and a half years of fantastic health, Mrs Britton suffered chronic rejection in 2013 with her lung function dropping to 40 per cent.

Over the last five years Sue’s health has continued to decline and in January 2018, after catching the flu, her lung function dropped to just a seventh of that of a fully healthy person.

In May 2018 doctors made the decision that she should be re-listed for a second lung transplant.

Sue said, “I am hoping that my lung function remains stable at this level whilst waiting.

"I am unable to work and sleep a lot during the day but try to remain independent and get on with life taking my dogs for a walk, baking and going for lunch with friends whilst waiting for the important call.

“I feel utterly privileged to be allowed this chance at life and appreciate that having two lung transplants is very rare. My donor is my hero.

“I would like to thank all organ donors and their families for registering and having this important conversation.”

Last year, 131 people in Essex had their lives saved by a transplant.

To register for the donor list go to www.organdonation.nhs.uk