Several cars have been written off and a young man injured in a crash at a notorious traffic black spot.

Shortly before 10pm last night residents of the High Road in Thornwood heard a large bang.

Many rushed outside to find a blue hatchback car half on the roof of a white Jeep.

According to witness reports a young male driver was given treatment at the scene, although the police and ambulance service are yet to confirm this or give an update on his wellbeing.

Andrew Richardson, a High Road resident and long-term campaigner for traffic calming measures, said: "We heard an almighty bang and went outside. It was a big mess.

"Bricks have flown into the houses.

"One went through a window where a baby sleeps. It is just mad."

According to Mr Richardson, in the crash a Mercedes had been pushed back against one of his neighbour's houses, trapping them inside.

A large police presence closed the road while paramedics attended to the injured man.

Once the shrapnel had been cleared away, the road was reopened at 1am.

In February this year the residents of the High Road came out in a colourful protest aimed at the council for what they see as inaction and a lack of safety features on the 40mph carriageway.