A nun has delivered a petition defending refugee's rights to Number 10.

Sister Clara Phiri, 34, joined a group from the Catholic Agency For Overseas Development (CAFOD) to hand over the document, which demands that the rights of refugees and migrants are put at the heart of agreements being made at a UN summit held in New York in September.

The petitions was part of the 'Share the Journey' campaign launched by Pope Francis in September 2017, which saw CAFOD supporters walk a collective 100,000 miles - more than four times the distance around the Globe - in honour of those fleeing their homes due to persecution, war and natural disaster.

Sr Clara, from Chigwell, said: “I feel very humbled to have been asked to do the hand in, it is important for me personally because I am representing people who really care about this cause and they worked very hard to achieve their goal of walking 4 times around the world.

“It is important to remember that it is real suffering and pain that every one of them experiences, it could be anyone one of us, and wouldn’t we want someone to care enough to do something about it? 

To find out more about CAFOD’s campaigns, visit: cafod.org.uk/campaign